PSEB: PSEB Registration For Freelancers, Call Centers & Software Houses

PSEB Established to Promote Pakistan's IT Industry

PSEB was established by the Pakistan Government to promote Pakistan’s IT industry abroad. The PSEB provides services to the IT industry on a variety of levels, including infrastructure development, human capital development, company capability development, international marketing, and research. Tax credits for exports of IT products, 100% equity ownership, and 100% repatriation of dividends are all government incentives for the international outsourcing community. A reliable telecom infrastructure, and English-speaking, highly skilled, and cost-competitive workers are among Pakistan’s strengths. A variety of international trade associations, trade organizations, and media outlets are used by the PSEB to promote Pakistan’s IT industry. A number of IT companies are headquartered in the PSEB, including those providing custom software development, ERP solutions, financial solutions, mobile content, document management, enterprise computing, and outsourcing business processes

PSEB’s Duties & Functions

There are several functions performed by the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB):

  1. Plan the development of Pakistan’s IT industry
  2. Public policies in Pakistan and their impact on the IT industry
  3. New IT companies and call centers can be registered and established in Pakistan with our assistance.
  4. The development of “Software Technology Parks” in Pakistan and IT parks
  5. The development of a marketing plan facilitates the interaction between domestic businesses and foreign companies in the information technology sector, as well as attracting and assisting foreign firms to establish software development houses in Pakistan.

Types of Companies in Pakistan PSEB Registration For Software Companies, IT Companies, and Call Centers

An organization’s Human Resources, Finance, Manufacturing, and Security departments rely heavily on Information Technology and computers. IT hardware and software are essential to the success of any company. Manufacturing and production companies will always require IT and software products to compete against the errors or mistakes that limit their ability to use their equipment.

Computer programming, call centers, software development, web development, system analysis, information security, network engineering, content management, process automation, business automation, mobile communications, data mining are major sectors of IT Industry

This industry plays a key role in maintaining Pakistan’s business prospects by serving the needs of individuals and businesses. Traditionally, technology has impacted our lives in a wide variety of ways, including technical support, computer programming, call centers, software development, web development, system analysis, information security, network engineering, content management, process automation, business automation, mobile communications, data mining, and e-commerce.

PSEB registration is important to export IT products/service

PSEB registration is important to export IT products/services and to establish call centers in  Pakistan, particularly from Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, to help foreign countries generate revenues. IT services are in high demand at this time, so companies are becoming increasingly aware of information technology and call centers. There is an increasing demand for IT and call center services exported from Pakistan. Software houses and call centers are in demand in Pakistan, which is why company registrations are on the rise each year.

Tax Exemption For IT Companies/Professional in Pakistan

Information Technology export revenues are exempt from Pakistani taxation until 30th June 2025, provided they are remitted to Pakistan through normal banking channels. In the domestic market, IT companies provide taxable services. A company must register with PSEB in order to qualify for tax exemption from the Income Tax Department in Pakistan.

PSEB Registration of Software Houses, IT Companies, and Call centers is beneficial for IT Industry

Software companies in Pakistan are encouraged to register with the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) to monitor IT remittances from abroad. Software companies in Pakistan develop mobile applications, games, and computer software. Companies that provide quality IT services must be members of PSEB, an internationally recognized industry board. Its responsibilities include promoting Pakistan’s IT industry internationally and locally through human capital development, research and development, strategic planning, innovation, and e-marketing services, including telemarketing, medical transcription, and technology development.

The Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) aims to make Pakistan the second-largest exporter of IT goods in South Asia by encouraging the IT industry to grow both locally and overseas.

Each individual selects the best business structure for his or her business based on future circumstances and expansion needs. You can choose from a variety of business models, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, and private limited companies. A professional lawyer should be consulted before choosing a company structure.

A private limited company (registered as a company) is the best business structure in Pakistan, especially in Karachi and Islamabad because it allows a single person or a single director to conduct business. Partnerships and companies are both legal entities, but there are some differences between them.

Private limited companies are entities with at least two directors in a legal sense. The Single Member Company (SMC-Pvt) Limited is a limited company that can be owned and operated by a single individual. Private limited companies can have a maximum of 50 shareholders and their shares cannot be traded publicly. It is not possible to sell shares on the open market, and shareholders have limited liability. A Private Limited Company’s registration is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

If you would like to know how to register a private limited company in Pakistan, check out How to Register a Private Limited Company in Pakistan.

A partnership is a business established by two or more individuals who share profits and losses under the Partnership Act of 1932. Partners divide profits and losses in accordance with a Partnership Deed, which is a written contract between them.

The Guide to Register a Partnership Firm in Pakistan provides a step-by-step explanation of how to register a partnership firm in Pakistan.

PSEB Registration Benefits for Software Houses and Call Centers

A PSEB registration can benefit software houses, IT companies, and call centers in the following ways:

The certification of international standards in the IT industry is an indication of quality and performance.

We can assist members, employees, and investors of PSEB with visa applications.

  1. Promotion of business through PSEB’s IT portal
  2. The IT market is becoming more credible
  3. The repatriation of profits is allowed
  4. To be legal, call centers must be registered with the PSEB
  5. We will offer free workshops on several business segments
  6. Quality services at competitive bandwidth rates
  7. A tax exemption is provided by the Income Tax Ordinance, of 2001, for IT exports from Pakistan. During the next 12 years, you will be exempt from this tax
  8.  Exhibit and event sponsorships for upcoming IT-related events

Opportunities to meet with foreign investors and delegates at local IT events in Pakistan


PSEB Registration: Why do We need It?

It is optional for an IT company to register with PSEB, but to benefit from the exclusive benefits of membership, every IT company should be a member. PSEB registration is a mandatory requirement for all call centers operating in Pakistan. Call center businesses must register their principal place of business and their branches as well. Call centers operating in Pakistan without registration with PSEB are subject to legal action by the PTA and FIA.

SEB Registration Documents For IT Companies and Call Centers

  • NTN issued by FBR for businesses and companies
  • Company Directors’ NICs, Firm Partners’ NICs, and Proprietors’ NICs (Sole Proprietorships)
  • A copy of the passport of the directors (company)/partners (firm) (for foreign nationals only)
  • A copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association (for corporations) that have been attested
  • A copy of the attestation for the Inc. Form-II (for corporations)
  • The attested copy of Form 29 (for SECP-registered companies only)
  • Copies of their incorporation certificates (only available to companies registered with SECP)
  • The Partnership deed (for partnerships) must be attested
  • Form-C certification (for firms registered with the SEC)
  • Maintenance Certificate for Bank Accounts

Registration Charges of Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) - For Software Houses

A registration fee of Rs. 5000 is charged for software houses within their first year of operation.

Software Houses with more than one year of experience: Rs. 10000/-

Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) Registration Charges – For Call Centres

The registration fee for the principal office is only Rs. 20000/- per year.

Each branch associated with the company pays a fee each year of Rs. 10000/-

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